Chetana Thornton

“Chetana Thornton is described as a visionary abstract painter. Since 1999 she has been exhibiting regularly in commercial galleries internationally, painting to commission, for charity and community arts projects, interior design and corporate environments."

Chetana’s work tends towards abstract landscapes with the occasional figurative piece that has a raw power to ignite in us, the same devotional fire of enquiry into The
Infinite, that motivates her prolific exploration.

Chetana’s use of color texture and light with loose dynamic brush work, layering and stripping away, clearly conveys her fascination into the vastness of nature and the incremental effects of time.

Her recent work depicts the dissolving of matter back to its subtle energetic source. The paintings speak of a total surrender into the prevailing forces of chaos, she seems to respond to what emerges, following the unveiling, reconstructing, process to entice an emergence for the canvas and viewer, awakening an altered way of seeing, and experiencing.”

Maryanne Løvengreen
(Senior curator, Kunst Gallery D.K)

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Chetana Thornton
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